Our Mission

Connecting the community
Enhancing the local environment
Providing a community voice



We aspire to create a thriving, cohesive community with facilities and amenities that meet the needs of existing and future residents.



• A safe, clean, well-cared for community​
• Pristine green spaces​
• Protected natural areas​
• Clean healthy waterways​



• Clean streets, healthy parks, green spaces and waterways
• Protection and conservation of nature
• Well-maintained paths and access
• Space for community engagement and development
• Preserve and highlight the heritage and history of the area
• Ensure a safe and secure community
• Recognise and support local businesses.

Our neighbourhood

West Thamesmead

A quiet residential neighbourhood with a multicultural and cosmopolitan mix of residents and lots of families.


West Thamesmead has some wonderful green space, lots of wildlife, and 2 children’s play areas. We have 2 great primary schools, two GP surgeries, a dental surgery, two pharmacies and two supermarkets. West Thamesmead has recently become a separate ward with new ward councillors and a dedicated local ward offer from the Met police(link). Our new ward councillors - Councillor Chris Lloyd & Councillor ‘Lade Hephzibah Olugbemi have been instrumental in helping WTCA progress our community activities. We are seriously in need of somewhere to sit eat, drink and chat - join us at the community drop in/love soup cafe to have a cuppa and share your ideas about what you would like to see in West Thamesmead.

Berkeley Thamesmead Gateway

Thamesmead Abbey
Wood Opportunity Area Planning


West Thamesmead is perhaps better connected to Woolwich and Plumstead (also in the borough of Greenwich), than the rest of Thamesmead (some of which is in the borough of Bexley).
Woolwich town centre is just a 20 minute riverside walk away via the Royal Arsenal Development, and Plumstead can be reached by a green footpath in the same time.
A small but distinct area in its own right, with clear boundaries on all sides, it provides great opportunity for community-building.


Thamesmead is built on land that once belonged to the Royal Arsenal, a site that was used to produce, test and store military ordnance and ammunition from as early as the mid-1500s up to the Second World War.
Thamesmead as it is now was built at the end of the 1960s. West Thamesmead was built from the 1990s onwards.
Between 1973 and 1985, when preparing the land for the development of West Thamesmead, the council discovered over 40 iron guns from the 18th and 19th centuries, some of which were of immense historic value and now belong in museum collections worldwide.
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