Making positive, collaborative partnerships.
Bringing together different local groups and organisations.

Local Landowners and Local Authority


We have developed a working relationship with Peabody and have received support and commitments for groundworks necessary to complete new projects. This includes helping clear and remove vegetation, fly-tipping, litter and debris; collaborating to produce educational and interpretive materials; installation of street furniture, fencing, bins and signage, and promotion of activities to raise awareness in the community.


We have developed a strong working relationship with our local councillors who have been supportive of our efforts to address issues of concern to our community, and deliver benefits to the environment while promoting social and community cohesion.
The council provide litter picking kits to members of Tidy West Thamesmead via their environment champion initiative.


Private land owners of one corner of West Thamesmead.
Hexagon have been responsive to our plans to develop the abandoned Gallions Copse site into a community garden and are working positively with us to improve West Thamesmead.

Community groups in West Thamesmead

Thamesmead Town
Angling Club

One of the key aims of WTCA is to have clean healthy waterways for residents and wildlife to enjoy so we want to work together with the group to eliminate detrimental effects on wildlife.
The angling club use Gallions lake in West Thamesmead and all the fish are microchipped.
There are some big carp in the lake, last year the biggest carp reached well into double figures. Bream are up to 9 lbs and Roach up to 3 lbs.

West Thamesmead Community Church

A friendly, welcoming church attended by a diverse cross section of the local community in terms of ethnicity, age and socio economic status.
WTCA see a real need for a community space in the heart of West Thamesmead and so are exploring the idea of co-creating something with the church, establishing a community hub together.

Kairos Rehabilitation

Kairos is a registered charity based at Heronsgate Medical centre in West Thamesmead. They concentrate on helping those who are suffering persistent pain and other hard to treat conditions. Patients are encouraged and supported to play an active role in their recovery, including personal development. Social, cultural and occupational opportunities add to the therapeutic effect.

Schools in West Thamesmead


We invited parents at Heronsgate Primary school to take a survey to collect new ideas and have their say about how we could develop our activities as a Community Association to see West Thamesmead improved including offering after school clubs and educational activities focused on littering, wildlife and nature.


We are working with Discovery Primary School to engage children and families to help raise awareness of the importance of keeping the community clean, not littering and being an environment champion in a fun creative way through a Tidy West Thamsemead poster competition.

Local Community Groups nearby

Royal Arsenal 5k Clean up

Our neighbours in the Royal Arsenal have a ‘plogging’ (running whilst litter picking) group. Who have been massively helpful in West Thamesmead as they often jog through the park and along the riverside. One of our best established collaborations - these guys do group litter picks all over the surrounding area!

Ridgeway Users Group

A forum for users of the Ridgeway, a path between Crossness pumping station and Plumstead train station.
WTCA has been working with the group and with the land owner Thames Water to clean up the Ridgeway and tackle the issues of litter, fly-tipping and crime.
Ridgeway Users Group always welcome your suggestions on how to make the Ridgeway cleaner, safer and more usable for everyone.

Thamesmead Moorings Neighbourhood Forum

Moorings Neighbourhood Forum is where local people come together to carry out different activities and have discussions about community well-being. WTCA is hoping to work with the forum to meet their goal of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in the Moorings by linking up interested community members to form Tidy Central Thamesmead to rise up, clean up and complement their goals of improving the Moorings community for everyone.

Tidy South Thamesmead

Tidy South Thamesmead was the first group to follow our lead and form a group of local residents who litter pick around South Thamesmead. If you would like to join in, come along to group picks or go out alone. Feel free to drop a message to collect your pickers and gloves.

Tidy North Thamesmead

Inspired by our work, Tidy North Thamesmead launched to form as a group for residents of North Thamesmead, or those who work/play in North Thamesmead and wish to encourage one another to make it tidier.

Tidy CENTRAL Thamesmead

Tidy Central Thamesmead has recently launched from the Moorings Neighbourhood Forum. The group is for residents and friends of Central Thamesmead who wish to make it tidier. The group will support the forum in meeting their goal of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in the Moorings.

Woolwich Litter Pickers

A Woolwich community group made up of volunteers who share a passion for cleaning up the local area.
Our mission is to motivate, inform and educate on the action we can all take to improve our local community.
If you haven’t already, please join us, meet other like minded people and be part of something great.

Royal Arsenal History

A deep dive in the history of Royal Arsenal 

Bexley Wildlife

Wildlife, conservation and sustainability in the London Borough of Bexley

Thamesmead running club

We're an active, England Athletics Affiliated Running Club; volunteer led, social and community based with over 50 active runners from Thamesmead and surrounding areas (Abbey Wood, Belvedere, Bexleyheath, Woolwich, Plumstead, Blackheath etc.) established in September 2016.

Crossness River Action Group

The Crossness River Action Group (CRAG) has been set up by local people to tackle the litter on the foreshore at Crossness, Thamesmead SE28.

Business Partners


An independent, London-based
digital agency specialised in:

- Web Design 
- Graphic Design & Branding
- Video Production

At High Production Studio we use creativity to unlock our clients’ brand full potential. We are agile, smart, small enough to care and big enough to deliver at the highest quality standards.

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