Community Survey Launch

Take the survey and make your voice heard on the things that matter to you!

WTCA has put together a community survey to better understand peoples wants and needs, and hear their ideas for the area.

The survey offers you the opportunity to share what you are thinking and make your voice heard on the things that matter to you.

The questions are mostly open, allowing you to put into your own words what you think we can do as a community to improve the quality of life in West Thamesmead.

We would like to hear your wants, needs and ideas about topics such as:

Creating a vibrant Community Hub

Ideas for a Community Café/ Restaurant

Regular Group Activities and Workshops

Community Events in West Thamesmead

Community needs for a place of worship.

As well, we are asking questions about you. This information is totally optional, and will only be used to help us tailor our work to meet the needs of the community.

Community initiatives require management and support from paid and unpaid volunteers from the community and we are looking to build our team with people from all walks of life. Please let us know if you would like to contribute your time and skills to making West Thamesmead a better place for everyone.

The survey may take a bit of time, but we want to make sure you have your say.

You can skip questions, start it and come back to it if you need to.

Click here to share your ideas today!

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