Recycling at Gallions Park!

WTCA is working with Peabody to trial recycling on the go in Gallions Park. Please use the new green bins to recycle your plastic, glass and canned beverage containers.

Help us lead the way in community recycling

Peabody has replaced the bins at Gallions Park, and installed new recycling bins! The green bins will take all of your plastic, glass and canned beverage containers for recycling.

WTCA has been working closely with Peabody to bring new bins to the community and to trial green bins for recycling on the go. WTCA will work with the community to trial a recycling on the go scheme to increase the amount of material that is recycled and reduce waste for a cleaner and greener West Thamesmead.

This will help Peabody decide whether recycling on the go can be a success. We have created some videos with children from the area to help our neighbours understand what goes in the green recycling bins. Watch this space for the launch of the video campaign!

Please see the map below that highlights where the new bins are located. We would love to see our West Thamsemead community lead the way in community recycling.

New recycling and waste bins map

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